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Rebuilding Nepal through Youth Volunteers

Skillshare Volunteers working on rebuilding the destruction caused by the earthquake in NepalIn the month since the first earthquake shook Nepal, the Skillshare International team and volunteers have been working towards rebuilding some of the hardest-hit communities.

The two huge earthquakes that shook Nepal in April have left a devastating numbers of fatalities and caused severe damages to vital infrastructures and buildings. Despite Government efforts to reach all the communities affected by the earthquake, there is still an urgent need for humanitarian support as people are devoid of shelter and food essential for survival. 

The major challenged faced in the wake of the earthquake is rebuilding safe shelter. Before the earthquake, Nepal was already suffering from a labour drain, as huge numbers of young people migrated abroad in search of work. The remaining population is largely made up of children and parents who are not physically able to contribute to the manual labour required. This lack of resource means that securing food, goods, rebuilding homes and removing rubble is even more of a struggle. The situation is even more desperate as the monsoon season is quickly approaching, increasing the possibility of landslides which will make it extremely difficult to bring relief aid and recovery to communities in rural areas. The need to provide secure homes for families, resilient to rain and wind is becoming increasingly vital.

Devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal

In order to address the lack of an available workforce, Skillshare Nepal has been reaching out to institutions and youth groups to recruit 50 volunteers. The volunteers are made up of social work graduates and students from around the country, and have already started working with community members in Nanglebahre – where over 70% of houses have been destroyed – to remove debris from damaged houses, construct temporary shelters and provide sanitation facilities. They are also working to raise awareness on health and clean drinking water, as many water systems have been damaged raising concerns about the quality of the drinking water available.

Skillshare International Volunteers in Nepal

Skillshare International Volunteers in Nepal

These earthquakes have had traumatic effects for the children of Nepal, as many have lost family members and are without basic items or shelter. As the communities rally together to rebuild and manage the crisis, children are often left without activities to occupy their time, as parents' attention is occupied with rebuilding activities. Next week Skillshare Nepal will begin to set up child friendly spaces to provide day care and counselling for these children, make sure their education is not interrupted by the aftermath of the earthquake, and offer support to those who have lost loved ones.